Little A turned 2 (sketch still to come….(jumbled brain = jumbled everything else)

The next morning she started nursery (not that I was in a rush…) Of course she had no idea what was going on, she ran in without a care in the world, I ran in the other direction. It felt cruel, but she was ready, she just didn’t know it.


On picking her up, two feelings, the first…well I’ve never felt more appreciated ever, slightly tinged with guilt. The second, on her part, utter relief that I’d returned.

alba1stplace 1

The next couple of mornings, she’d wised up of course and leaving was not as easy. On picking up she was ecstatic to see ‘tiny tumble’, ‘bunny’ , Oh, and Mummy. The next couple of mornings were a little better. Fifth or Sixth morning, not a whimper. My little Pro.




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