Orli loves Michael Jacskon. This started when we played ‘Beat it’ in the car. After a couple of weeks of only playing that song repeatedly, we convinced her to listen to other songs and now she knows pretty much the whole discography from when he was a kid to the last song he released. She also thinks she saw him perform in Thriller Live in the West End.

Whatever the history is with MJ, Orli just innocently loves the music so much, and she can’t help but dance to it.

Recently, unlucky for  Daddy Caspi, Orli asked “Is Michael Jackson Dead?” This wasn’t something we’d broached yet, she said someone at school told her. He replied “Um ahh baaa umm I don’t think so…but if he is its ok because we’ll have his music forever”

Orli said “That makes me sad in my throat” as her eyes welled up.

I love how she doesn’t just say “Im sad” She says what it feels like to be sad. The next time she asked we told her the truth. We don’t want to upset her, somehow tarnish something she loves so much. But we should probably tell our kids the truth the best we can when they asks us questions. So  I told her,

“Yes he died, but O, he was so famous and so far away you would not have been able to be his friend…”

“When I think about it, it makes me so sad…but Mama I saw him in the show.”

“Um, yes yes you did, he died after that”

(I did say the ‘truth the best we can”) eek.