A very delayed post – still in recovery from the Easter holidays.

Easter is over, I can barely even remember it now…the only evidence it happened was the chocolate still left in my fridge (don’t worry, it will get eaten). The 2 week holiday was sprinkled with camp, day trips, wall staring, pleading, and bubbles.

The highlight for Big O was probably the Easter funfair – she dreams of them, asks frequently when shes going to one, and often after being tucked up into bed, I get called upstairs, not to be asked for a drink or a loo trip, but if she can be taken to a funfair.


We also did the obligatory Easter egg hunt. It took a while for O to understand that most hunts these days don’t consist of actual chocolate eggs (unless done yourself) but clues or tokens instead. So our Easter egg hunt consisted mostly of:

“When do I get the chocolate bunny?”

“When we’ve answered all these questions and once we’ve read all the clues’

“Can I get the chocolate now?”

“No, we’ve only just answered the first question.”

“We need to hurry or I won’t win”

“It’s not a race, everyone gets the prize”

“Can we get the prize now?”

“No we have to answer all the questions and have a nice walk”

“But I’m tired”

“Do you want to get the prize?”


“NO. When we’ve answered the questions on the trail. Let’s go.”

Of course it took much longer due to A chasing down every dog she saw along the way, in the wrong direction, and she is fast. Or preventing her from walking straight into a river to catch a duck. Even with that and “my legs are tireeeddd’ on repeat, going for a walk is still my favourite thing to do with the two girls (and Daddy Caspi, not on my own, no way).


(A side note to say thank you to Daddy B for making our little adventures, our country walks easier by being the, well, the donkey. Due to issues with my back I can’t carry Little A in the carrier, he does this. And when the whingeing from Big O about being tired of walking gets too much, his shoulders become her mode of transport.)





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