Smile. SMILE!

Today I was backing up some photos on the computer. I take far too many and now and then have to go through deleting the ones of the floor or set aside the best ones to print. So I end up with piles of photos waiting to go into albums I haven’t bought yet. Whilst I was there a photo of the girls taken in a studio a few months ago caught my eye, so I thought I’d change the cover photo on my facebook page. The little angels got lots of likes, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’.

I wish I had the outtake photos. It makes me laugh wondering how many outtake photos there must be for every lovely photo we put on facebook of our kids. I don’t usually think of taking a quick photo when Big O is having a mood or Little A is hanging off my leg crying, (actually mean mummy I sometimes do) but if I did I’d probably have a lot more of those than the lovely ones on my facebook.

Since I don’t have any outtake photos I sketched a couple.

The soundtrack was something like this,

“O smile… smile, no smile properly. Can you smile your best princess smile? No that’s your silly smile. Less teeth, smile with your eyes open…yep thats it. Oh, oh A just stay there, that’s it. No, no A look what’s that? Look, look at that! (take the picture take the picture) O hold her, no not so tight. Don’t squeeze her, no no no don’t let go….A, come back sit there pleeeeease. A, lalal lalalaa wooooohhh ooohhhh A, O keep smiling, take that hair out of your mouth, yep, smile. A doo beeee dooodddoooo lallaalaaa. Smile!”




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