Pancake Day

(I actually did this on Sunday as a school morning is not one on which I am happy to be adventurous with my children’s breakfast.)

This is far from being a foodie blog and I’m by no means a great cook or know much about food tech or nutrition, but it is pancake day and one of my biggest anxieties is how my kids eat…

As 5 year old O is a fussy eater (“I forgot to try it” being what she says every day about school lunch), I have to find ways of making things secretly healthier and just packing more nutrition in. It rarely works as she can instantly perceive a ‘weird taste’. Sometimes I prematurely jump for joy (inside, wouldn’t want her to see my victory of course) when I think she likes something as she is chewing and giving me me a thumbs up and little nod…….But this soon turns into a grimace as she swallows, “ew no no don’t like it, don’t like it!” The hidden ingredients sometimes betray me and reveal themselves in the post swallowing taste.

But at least it is too late to spit it out, so that’s something!

One of the few things she likes is pancakes. I’ve managed to make them by doing what everyone seems to have been doing the last couple of years – eggs and a banana. I add a bit of flour to firm them up (I don’t believe gluten is all evil, but I base that on nothing whatsoever.) I also try my best to not add refined cane sugar or I add something else instead as she definitely gets enough of that elsewhere.

The traditional method is great but this time I wanted to put more nutrition into them so I”d googled a few recipes and all seemed to use egg whites (extra protein) and oats.  Sunday morning combined with accurate measuring does not suit me so I guessed amounts….

Step One Make Pancakes


These aren’t particularly sweet but usually this doesn’t matter as we are adding toppings. I also put a tablespoon of a milled seed mix to put some hidden good stuff. I put it all in the nutri bullet an wiz up till its liquid.

Grease pan (medium heat) with coconut oil (or whatever you prefer), pour in batter till you have a pancake about 7 or 8 cm scross. Cook 1 side until firmed up round edges and little bubbles appear then turn over, less than a minute more and they are ready. Just don’t look away as they cook fast and can burn easily.

Please Note – I don’t flip or toss…

Step Two Place pancakes on table surrounded by an array of jars, maple syrup and chopped fruit.

Step Three Watch out of the corner of your eye as 5 year old tastes and actually enjoys your work.


The 1 year old who is not too fussy yet, but is developing likes and dislikes for sure, for some reason does not like pancakes. You can never have it all.


Daddy Caspi will always be happy with pancakes in any form.



Three out of four isn’t so bad!

Maple syrup goes down fine but at some point that word which we try not say as its connotations are as dark as speaking ‘Voldemort’ aloud, is squeaked out,


I’ve tried to find healthier substitutes but nothing has worked on her yet (hence not putting sugar in the pancakes) so pass the Nutella. A little in moderation is Ok….right?


It didn’t do me any harm did it?



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