Anxiety and iPads

Hands up, who suffers anxiety? Wow that’s a lot of hands! Me too. There are varying degrees and I’m very fortunate not to suffer with it as badly as some. It’s important we recognise when this crosses over from the usual everyday anxiety everyone experiences, to a problem that prevents us from living contented lives.

I’ve always had social anxiety and then there is mum’s anxiety. (And there’s the anxiety about posting this post about anxiety.)
arghsmlAll mums, all parents, of course feel anxious about their kids frequently for many reasons.
Many can brush it off and get on with their day, or set it aside to worry about later. Others are more plagued by worrisome thoughts and dilemmas. I have that occasional unhelpful inner voice which asks things like ‘am I ruining my child and turning her into a person who will be a completely terrible adult??’ The sensible part of my brain tells me  “no of course not” and I can logicise and convince myself. I do a lot of logicising. There are always questions, questions, questions. Whether its over what they eat, or don’t, how they behave or whether I’m behaving in the right way and setting a good example. Can I just get on with my life without my brain interfering??
 One of my anxieties is over screen time. Yes TV too but mostly Big O and the iPad.

One of O’s favourite things is watching youtube kids on the iPad. I do ration it but at times she watches more than I’m happy about yes I know I can just walk up and switch off but I’ve learnt to pick my battles).



So she was off school for 3 days with a virus, following half term (that’s being in the house – not out of it, for over a week, with a 5 year old with an ungenerous attention span and a teething 1 year old. Its a wonder we made it through!)  Sure we did the arts and crafts, the drawing, the reading, card games, watched a film or two, we even managed to sit in silence for a time whilst the calpol kicked in. But at some point, the iPad beckoned like a siren calling and it was impossible to resist. She was happy, I could do some work whilst the little teether had a nap. Most mums just wouldn’t worry about it, rightly so, its just the ipad and its a great tool. But my brain doesn’t work that way (we’ve all seen the facebook posted articles like ‘Why Screen Time will Ruin your Child’, one of those lovely articles there just to prey on one’s anxieties). I’m sure I, you too, watched a lot of TV growing up, and our parents didn’t agonise over it. But now we are so immersed in constant news/fake news, you can’t go a day without hearing someone stating “DO NOT DO THAT, IT IS BAD FOR YOU”.

I told myself to get perspective, “she wasn’t well and you all needed a break, so it did no harm.”

Until Daddy Caspi said he’d asked O ‘Why do you love the videos so much?”

She replied “Leave your answer in the comment section below.”

Maybe my child really has been brainwashed by YouTube kids channel!
Have I ruined her brain?

Am I totally overthinking this? (the answer to this is always Yes)

All I can say is thank goodness she got back to school!

(I”ll still be letting her watch YouTube…)


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and iPads

  1. Oh for sure they did, just screen time seems to be bigger one now with all the added screens and more uninvited access to things to intensify those anxieties.

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