Hello first post…

As you can gather by the blog title my name is Elinor. This is my family.caspifamsml

I draw…I cringe at calling myself an ‘artist’ because I’m just not sure I deserve to own that title, hopefully I will eventually (maybe you’ll let me know when I’ve gotten there). SO for now…I draw.

I say draw….I draw when I get a spare moment or two, here and there. The truth is I could spend more time to doing it. The problem is at times I am so tired that I lack any motivation to pick up a pencil. At the moment however, I’m using every bit of effort to keep the current sparkle of motivation going. There is a reason for all this…get ready for the excuse…I’m a mum. I have two young children of the female variety. Big O is currently 5, Little A is 16 months (and has just woken up from her nap so I will have to pause here…..)

They both keep me busy, even when one is at school and the other is sleeping I’m busy with preparing for them to occupy my time later on (cooking, cleaning, carreening ever closer to anxiety induced insanity, that sort of thing) But now I am promising myself to draw every day.

For quite a while now I’ve done work for others in the form of pet character portraits (which you are welcome to explore if you’d like to visit my site or facebook). I’ve loved doing these and won’t be stopping but I’ve got to find time for something else too.

So this blog will mostly be sketches or paintings inspired by my family or personal experience (as FringeMama – I’ve had a fringe forever and as ridiculous as it sounds, it is my most recognisable feature) with the occacional ‘other thing’ thrown in. As my brain is all over the place (baby brain is forever), so is my work. Thanks for reading and hope you’ll like the pictures.


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